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Asking Your Specialist for a Second Opinion Referral

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This option has the advantage that your specialist is likely to know a doctor who treats cancers the same as yours. He or she may even know who is regarded as the best in the profession at treating your type of cancer.

But there are of course disadvantages; with some more significant than others.

Although they might know of the best doctor in the profession at treating your type of cancer, they are more likely to refer you to someone in the same hospital or to a hospital close by. This is often done to try to reduce any delays to your treatment starting and we are in no way saying this is not the correct approach. What we are saying is this may not be the very best second opinion.

Trust between you and your cancer specialist is vitally important. You need to have faith in each other for the professional relationship to be successful. By asking your specialist for a second opinion referral you are questioning his or her judgement and no matter how well you ask, or how well they respond, the trust that was there could be damaged. Should you get your second opinion and decide to stay with your original specialist it may make you feel awkward that you questioned them in the first place. Every Cancer specialist wants their patients to be happy with the cancer treatment they are providing and this is an important part of informed consent. They should act professionally at all times and have their patients interest at the forefront of everything they do. Saying this, the Trust element is more subconscious, so this method of getting a second opinion needs very careful consideration.

In the below video made by the UK charity Macmillian Cancer Support, GP David Plume, explains the pros and cons of getting a second opinion.

He is fair in his comments and talks about delays in starting treatments and the effect this may have on your prognosis.

Belgravia Oncology Second Opinion Service

The Belgravia Oncology Second Opinion Service is a private bespoke service that will ensure you get all the information you need about your cancer care. You can continue with your current treatment pathway and there would therefore be no delays whatsoever in your treatment which, like David said, may effect your prognosis.