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Not Getting a Cancer Second Opinion

Cancer Second Opinion
There is absolutely nothing wrong with not asking for a second opinion. The majority of patients do not ask for a second opinion and are treated very successfully.

The majority of cancer patients’ treatments are discussed at Multi-disciplinary meetings (MDTs). These meetings normally consist of many doctors and other allied health professionals who discuss your case and give a consensus as to what would be the best treatment for you.

Many patients find this protocolised approach to medicine comforting.

These MDT’s normally operate under the National Health System and follow set guideline set out by the government.These guidelines rationalise treatment using what is called ‘quality-adjusted life years.’ You therefore may be offered treatments that are cost effective, but not necessarily the best treatment available. If you do not want a second opinion but are concerned there may be a ‘better’ treatment alternative then you should ask your cancer specialist directly.
The video below was made by the UK charity Macmillian Cancer Support. In this video GP David Plume, explains the pros and cons of getting a second opinion through the GP. He is fair in his comments and talks about delays in starting treatments and the effect this may have on your prognosis.

The Belgravia Oncology Second Opinion Service

A Comprehensive Cancer Second Opinion Service

At Belgravia Oncology London we ensure you not only see the very best Clinical or Medical Oncologist, but you receive the best bespoke cancer second opinion. You will be told what the standard of care is and what a knowledgeable MDT should have recommended. You will also be told about all treatments regardless of cost, even if they are not offered in the United Kingdom. In your bespoke medical pack you will have details of clinical trials you may benefit from. If you feel you would benefit from our service contact us or read on to find out more about what we offer and who our doctors are. click here