Cancer Second Opinions || Belgravia Oncology - London

The price for the service is £1000 sterling and includes the Bespoke Medical Pack, the Consultation, referral to the molecular MDT if necessary and the Medical Report.

We realise that this may seem expensive, but it reflects the amount of time that it will take to ensure you receive the very best second opinion on your cancer care. The opinion will help you make the correct informed choices. We understand that our service will not be for everybody which is why we have detailed other ways to get a second opinion on your cancer care on the other pages.

Generally our patients come having had many tests and investigations. However, if further tests are required then these will be charged separately by the hospital you attend. Many of our patients have private medical insurance or are sponsored by embassies and they will normally cover these expenses. Please check the terms and conditions of your agreement with them.

If you decide to continue your treatment with one of our expert oncologists there will be no additional charges from Belgravia Oncology - London.

Please free free to contact us for more details and to see if our service is suitable for you.

We will do everything humanly possible to ensure you get everything you were looking for in our service. I look forward to meeting you.
Brendan Bye Harris